August 02, 2023

Opposition leaders meet Prez Murmu and submit memo Demanding PM’s Statement Over Manipur

NEW DELHI: Indian opposition leaders met President Drupadi Murmu on Wednesday and submitted a memorandum on their demand for a statement from Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Manipur state assembly, setting out the Steps needed to restore peace in areas ravaged by violence.

They also asked the prime minister to visit the conflict-torn state and make an appeal communities to end violence and promote brotherhood.

In a memorandum submitted to the president, the 31 opposition bloc leaders also raised the issue of communal tensions in Haryana's Nuh district, claiming that the central government was not bothered about the developments that are taking place “barely 100 km from the Prime Minister’s Office”.

Addressing the media after meeting the President, Congress President Malikajun Kharge addressed the media and said members of the delegation, including MPs who had recently visited Manipur, also briefed the President of the situation in the state and shared what they saw in the affected areas.

Kharge and other opposition leaders told reporters outside the presidential palace that 31 members of the coalition met the president and briefed her on developments in Manipur.

He said the rehabilitation camps housing affected people were not equipped with proper living or medical facilities.

We met with the president and brought the Manipur issue to her attention ... we have told the president everything, whether it is violence in Manipur or violence in Haryana," Kharge said.

The main request is for the prime minister should speak and visit Manipur and list the steps needed to bring peace to Manipur and bring relief to the people of the state," he said.

We kindly request you to urge the Prime Minister to urgently address the Parliament on the current situation in Manipur, followed by a detailed and comprehensive discussion on the matter," the opposition bloc's memo read.

"We urge you to intervene immediately and in to establish peace and harmony in this state. Responsibility for the devastation of the past 92 days must be established. Both the Union government and the state government must fulfil their duty to provide justice to the affected communities,” the memorandum also said.

Their support and intervention are crucial in alleviating the suffering of the people of Manipur.

Kharge later said the president has assured to investigate her memos and claims.

Leaders accompanying the Congress chief  President included Tiruchi Siva, Kanimozhi, Rajiv Ranjan "Lallan" Singh, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Gaurav Gogoi, Sushil Kumar Gupta, Sushmita Dev, Jayant Singh and Manoj Jha, among others.

Kharge said the prime minister has yet to enter the House of Representatives and has not issued a statement on what steps he intends to take to bring peace and normalcy to the country.

The Congress chief also said that the opposition has been demanding a discussion in both houses of Parliament on Manipur but the government is disallowing.

"My microphone was cut within seconds of being allowed to speak in Rajya Sabha and then noises started from the Treasury benches. It was an insult to the Leader of the Opposition," he said. ’ he said, adding this is happening despite the Chairman saying that he sees the Leader of the House and that of the opposition equally.

Trinamool Congress chairperson Sushmita Dev also called on the president to nominate two Manipur women from different communities to the Rajya Sabha to help correct the "serious harm" done to women in the state.


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